18Nov, 2020

Why coding for kids

5 Reasons Why Coding Knowledge Is Important For Your Kids Growth Do you ever wonder sometimes where the world is going with rapid development in the field of science and technology? New inventions and products come into the market almost on a daily basis that is making our life more comfortable. One common example in front of you is the development of digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa that are easing your everyday activities. Coding is one of the crucial elements that make it possible. Coding is a great technical skill that can unlock various career opportunities and is required by …

18Nov, 2020

How to teach kids coding

Coding for kids – A guide for parents to introduce kids to coding About 2 decades ago, if an idea to teach coding was to be pitched for children, our reaction would be “Are you crazy?! They are just kids!”An idea like this would be deemed impractical or ridiculous but today, it’s not the case. With technology growing so fast and with times changing at a blink of an eye its essential children must learn these skills. We all may think that programming is quite difficult and cannot be a child’s play but let us tell you this, programming is …

18Nov, 2020

Benefits of STEM

STEM: What is it? And why is it important? Advancement and development are the success factors of any sector. We all like things which are upgraded, don’t we? Thus, even upgrading education and teaching methods are essential. As a parent, we would definitely not think twice about giving the best whether it’s a birthday gift or anything, so why not in education? New and effective methods are being introduced which help children in learning concepts in such a way that they can understand it easily. The traditional learning system is losing its ground today as it’s missing out on inculcating …

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