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Transformational AI & Coding Education
Making your child future ready. Now!

Every single day we are passive consumers of Artificial Intelligence (AI). From the Google Maps we use to get to work, Youtube videos our family watches to GMAIL, Whatsapp, Alexa, Netflix, Facebook, Spotify and so much more… The list is endless!

AI is the ability of a computer or machine to learn and think. For example, Google translator can now allow us to “speak” and understand any language in the world, while Alexa connects to your information (calendar, Gmail, Amazon, etc) using machine learning to help you make smarter decisions.

Our mission at AI School of India is to empower learners to discover & explore the World of AI & Coding.

Why AI School of India?

Our AI course have been designed & curated by Engineers & Educators trained & certified by ISTE – USA, Intel, IBM, and Professors from Oxford University UK & Graz University of Technology Austria.

We offer a comprehensive experiential curriculum aligned to CSTA & AAAI international standards for K12 students and which is a well-researched course structure focussing on the five Big Ideas of AI. D. The 100+ hands-on real-time Ai Coding experiences are in Real-time AI using mobile & laptop-based GUI coding platforms.

Our trainers are experienced K12 robotics & coding trainers in this field having 10 years plus of experience. Finally, we believe that AI learning should be playful, fun, creative, collaborative, empathetic, ethical, inclusive, purposeful, and for social good.

Why do our children need to play and learn with AI?

 Children today are surrounded by and brought up around AI-powered devices. Artificial Intelligence is used so much in our everyday lives that we need to make sure that our children understand its impact and potential for the future of work and learning.

Artificial intelligence is expected to fuel the global digital economy and the skills required to gain employment are going to be very different from what it is today. At AI school of India, we recognize the urgent need of how best to prepare children, to be successful in their careers,  to be life-long learners, and to flourish in the era of AI.


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