Explore AI | Age 7 to 10 yrs | Intermediate

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  • Age : 7 to 10 years
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Session Duration : 12 + 2 = 14 hours  
  • 12 hands-on AI & Coding experiences 
  • 2 capstone projects
  • Rich Learning Content
  • Online learning at home 
  • Taught by experienced tutors.
  • We provide a safe, caring & inclusive child-centric learning environment.
  • Course Certificate
  • Life-long membership to AISI community

Course Features

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  • Duration 14 hours
  • Skill level Intermediate
  • Language English
  • Students 8
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    Explore AI

    Level: Intermediate



    Learning Objective


    Investigate AI features implemented in current technologies

    Explore AI technologies that widely benefit current and future generations, and how intelligent machines and humans work together for the common good.


    Investigate Human Machine interactions with Perception

    Code and develop an AI program to detect different types of human faces and to understand human machine interaction using computer vision tools.


    Natural Language processing (NLP): Understanding Application

    Explore further concepts of Natural Language Processing and develop an AI program to control an object using voice commands.


    Natural Language Processing: Comprehension & Generation

    Code and develop an interactive virtual pet program which will utilize speech recognition and generation tools.


    Investigating the Posenet process & application

    Code and develop an AI program, and train it using Machine Learning Models to recognize human poses.


    Investigating the Audio Classification process & application

    Code and develop a program that can classify audio, and learn how perception helps to build intelligent machines or robots that will react like humans.


    Machine Learning in Image Classification

    Explore Machine Learning in image classification through a program that utilizes computer vision.


    Plotting data charts with Natural Interaction & Machine Learning

    Code and develop an AI program that uses Machine Learning models to predict and plot a data chart.


    Human head gesture recognition

    Code and develop a program that will recognise human head gestures through perception and human machine interactions.


    Creating a Conversational agent (or) ChatBot

    Code and develop an AI conversational agent program, and also train & teach that program to respond to queries provided by the user.


    Training a Conversational Agent or ChatBot:

    Explore the application of Machine Learning models and Mind Mapping in teaching, training and testing the conversational agent program.


    Impact of AI on society [Part 2]

    Using Case Study Methodology, students will explore various scenarios to understand the positive and negative outcomes of the common uses of AI technology.

    13 - 14

    Capstone Projects

    Design and work on two projects using the PBL {Project Based Learning Framework} that applies AI to solve a problem. Instructors will guide the students using the Design Thinking philosophy.

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