Discover AI | Age 7 to 10 yrs | Advanced

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  • Age: 7 to 10 years
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Session Duration : 12 + 2 = 14 hours  
  • 12 hands-on AI & Coding experiences 
  • 2 capstone projects
  • Rich Learning Content
  • Online learning at home 
  • Taught by experienced tutors.
  • We provide a safe, caring & inclusive child-centric learning environment.
  • Course Certificate
  • Life-long membership to AISI community

Course Features

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  • Duration 14 hours
  • Skill level Advanced
  • Language English
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    Discover AI

    Level: Advanced



    Learning Objective



    Discover: Advanced Concepts in AI

    Explore concepts about advanced AI technologies & concepts in this AI primer session.


    Curriculum Connections: How computers understand natural language

    Learn to code and develop an AI program that will carry out text classification and sentiment analysis, and to identify positive or negative connotations of the text provided as input.


    Create an interactive
    AI Avatar

    Learn to code and develop an interactive Avatar (Sprite) program that will utilize Speech Recognition and generation tools.


    Investigating Natural Interaction & Machine Learning

    Learn to code and develop an AI program, and train it using Machine Learning models to simulate how the human brain processes words, colours, patterns etc. differently.


    Perception via Face Recognition

    Learn to code and develop an AI program to "Find the face count" using Face Recognition tools.


    Impact of AI on Society [Part 3]

    Explore various user scenarios to understand how AI can be deployed in daily lives and how it can benefit and shape the future of our planet.


    Create an Interactive AI Language translator

    Learn to code an AI program that performs language translation and understand how natural interaction between Intelligent machines and humans work through a real world application.


    Create an interactive AI Image classification program

    Learn to code an AI program that can classify images and explore how perception helps to build machines or robots that react like humans.


    Advanced training of Conversational Agent or Chatbot

    Learn to code and develop a conversational agent program that can be trained to recognize the intent of the input provided by the user.


    Emotion Recognition through Machine Learning

    Learn to code and train an AI program that will recognize and label facial expressions into appropriate emotions (happiness, sadness, anger), and explain why they are labeled the way they are.


    Image classification with Face Recognition

    Learn to code an AI program that will perceive and classify image data from different human faces using computer vision and Machine Learning models.


    Bias in AI algorithms & Data

    Inspire students to discuss how bias impacts society using the Case Study methodology. Provide for innovative and transformational knowledge about fake news, data privacy etc.

    13 - 14

    Capstone Projects

    Design and work on two projects using the PBL {Project Based Learning Framework} that applies AI to solve a problem. Instructors will guide the students using the Design Thinking philosophy.

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