AI for Seniors | Grade 6 & above | Advanced

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  • Grade: 6 and above
  • Skill Level: Advanced
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  • Skill level Grade 6 & Above
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    AI For Seniors

    Level: Advanced

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    Learning Objective


    History of AI technology:
    Early stages to present day

    Students will discuss the development of AI by creating an AI program to identify the position of different parts of the human body (head, arms, legs etc.), and also train the AI to keep track of the identified body parts.


    Deep Learning techniques in Sound Classification

    Students will tinker with an AI system which is able to recognize different animal sounds and program the system to detect poaching.


    Machine Learning in AI: An In-depth analysis of types of Machine Learning

    Students will describe and compare the three different Machine Learning approaches: Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning by creating and testing and training an AI program using ML models to recognize English language alphabets.


    Facial Recognition technology and AI

    Students will explore advanced algorithms utilized in facial recognition technology by creating an AI program to identify and classify facial features such as eyes, nose, ears etc.


    Posenet technology and AI

    Students will create an AI program that can identify, analyse and react to different human poses.


    Webrequest technology and AI

    Students will create and train an AI program using “regular expressions” to understand the difference between past and present scenarios.


    Sensory technology and AI

    Students will learn about the role of Sense Perception by creating an AI app that will sense environmental parameters. They will train the program to analyze and make inquiries if any abnormalities in the environment are detected.


    Database Strategies and AI

    Students will create an AI app that will analyse video data and suggest similar products/services related to the content of the video data.


    Conversational Agents and AI

    Students will explore how Conversational Agents such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri interpret and grasp user intent by building a voice-driven AI calculator program with Voice User Interface (VUI) that can do basic arithmetic operations based on voice commands.


    Game Development and AI

    Phase 1: Students will develop a real time game and train the AI to learn throughout the game play.


    Phase 2: Students will test to check if the AI eventually learns to play the game without further detailed commands from the programmer.


    Data Handling and AI

    This experiential session will help students understand the ethical problems and dangers of Data Acquisition in Artificial Intelligence.


    Capstone Projects

     Students will design & work on 2 projects using the PBL {Project Based Learning Framework} that applies AI to solve a problem. Instructors will guide the students using the Design Thinking philosophy.


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